30+ Social Media Content Ideas for Jewelry & Fashion Accessory Brands



  1. Create a post about your current or past experience as a jewelry maker or designer.
  2. Discuss trends in the jewelry industry and how they will impact fashion. 
  3. Write about the jewelry trends and styles you love, and what you wish existed in your wardrobe.
  4. Share your favorite brands and designers.
  5. Talk about a style that you admire and how you can incorporate it into your own look.
  6. Talk about a new trend or accessory that you’ve just discovered.
  7. Talk about the biggest misconception about your product.
  8. Show photos of your product line from different angles.
  9. Share a story about a memorable moment in the jewelry design process.
  10. Tell your followers about a recent giveaway you’ve won.
  11. Talk about a mistake you’ve made in the past.
  12. Write a blog post about how to style your earrings for a particular outfit.
  13. Show different looks from fashion industry and how accessories are used for styling 
  14. Create a compilation of your favorite fashion influencers on social media.
  15. What’s your most favorite accessory and why?
  16. What’s your favorite pair of shoes? Why?
  17. Share any tips or tricks to make your nails look longer?
  18. Share a collage of nails in all kinds of different colors and how to care for them
  19. Talk about a trend in your industry and share an example of a brand that implemented it well.
  20. Show your latest outfits or handbags. Share how you bought the accessories.
  21. Talk about a time when you had to choose between two pieces of clothing.
  22. Talk about a fashion faux pas that you’ve committed.
  23. Share a favorite accessory you’d love to try but couldn’t afford.
  24. Share a piece of advice that you have for young women.
  25. Write about what inspires you to keep following fashion trends.
  26. Give a hint about where you buy your accessories and clothes [Brand Plug]
  27. What does your dream look like for future clothing styles?
  28. What fashion trend is most important to you right now?
  29. Share an outfit you wore the first time you went out for a job interview.
  30. How do you style a pair of jeans?



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