19 Twitter content ideas for freelancers targeting eCommerce founders 


Finding new clients is hard - we all know it. 

But do you know what's harder? Finding an idea everyday to stay active on social media. 

In the world of social, consistency matters. But finding ideas to stay active sometimes takes a freelancer away from their actual work. 

If you're a freelancer who specializes in eComm, here are 19 ideas you can use to create content on Twitter (or any other social media channel). 

  1. Create a Twitter thread (series of tweets) about a particular topic in eCommerce niche
  2. Write a FAQ thread answering common myths among eCommerce store owners about outsourcing an activity 
  3. Create a guide of what you need to be a successful freelance designer, writer, or marketer
  4. Create a list of things you’ve done in the past that you’d want to recommend for your clients
  5. Give your clients a list of resources that you’ve found helpful while working in the industry
  6. Share your best tips for building a long-term relationship with a client 
  7. Review a book or product in your niche
  8. Create a list of books you think should be read by every entrepreneur
  9. Create a list of podcasts you think should be listened by every eCommerce entrepreneur
  10. Talk about the projects you worked on. How were they successful? What went wrong?
  11. Write about why you love your job and what you’d like to improve about it?
  12. Share a list of resources to learn more about the eCommerce industry 
  13. Talk about the mistakes you made in the past and how you learned from them.
  14. Talk about a time when you solved a problem that nobody else could. How did you do it?
  15. Share the story of your first business venture/client project and how you overcame its challenges.
  16. Talk about the best parts of your workday and why it’s so satisfying.
  17. Write about the things you’re looking forward to doing in the future and how you plan on achieving them. 
  18. Talk about a time when you had a hard deadline but still managed to finish early. How did you pull this off?
  19.  Share your favorite tools you use to manage your work.


These ideas would help you stand out from generic freelance profiles that are just throwing a wide net in a bid to attract client. 

All the best! 


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