How to Find Unlimited Content Ideas in 2022? 

Finding content ideas is a pain for every marketer out there. No matter how great we're at ideation, we all are stuck, sometimes, waiting for inspiration to strike. 

At such times, having a helping hand surely helps. 

Check out how you can use an AI tool like ClosersCopy to find content ideas for your marketing campaigns. You can use these to generate content ideas for social media or take inspiration for other paid/organic campaigns. 



Step 1: Search for ' Content Ideas Bot' Framework in ClosersCopy Community Library 

Open your ClosersCopy dashboard and start a new document.

Search for Content Ideas Bot framework created by Anmol Ratan Sachdeva within the Community frameworks. 

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Add Context to the Content Idea Bot Framework 

For any content creation activity, adding the relevant Context is most important. More so, when you're dealing with an AI writer.

The content idea bot framework is trained to understand what works on social media based on 4 basic parameters: 

  • Industry: The industry or niche you're active in
  • Marketing Channel: The platform, medium or channel for which you need content ideas 
  • Target Audience: Who are your ideal customers or people who you want to attract or engage the most? 
  • Goal: What's your end goal for social media content creation?  

Being clear about all these four parameters would add relevance to the content ideas.

If you give a clear input to guide the framework, it will research, compare, check, and identify the best topics, ideas, concepts, and inspiration to help you start on social media. 

Click on Write for me and wait while the AI start shelling out ideas

Add info about your industry, the platform you want to use, target audience, and your goal. 

Once you've added the Context, just click on write for me button and wait for AI to come up with content ideas.

It might take some time for the first time. Also, no need to adjust the creativity level by default. 

After the AI is done creating, you can browse for the ideas on the left panel. 

Shortlist and start creating content

Pick and choose the best ideas in a document and you're ready to start creating awesome content for social media. 

By default, the AI gives 5x10 generations (or ideas), if you need more, you can click on the 'write for me' button again. 


Test Results

The process above and the framework used has been trained in best performing content ideas based on social media performance of top accounts. 

The initial runs of the framework brought out the following results: 

Sample Data #1

Input: Content Ideas for Freelancers Who want to Get More Clients (eComm Store Owners) on Twitter


Create a series of posts about a particular topic
Write a FAQ thread for eCommerce stores
Create a guide of what you need to be a successful freelance designer
Create a list of things you’ve done in the past that you’d want to recommend for your clients.
Give your clients a list of resources that you’ve found helpful.
Share your best tips for building a long-term relationship with a client.
Review a book or product in your niche
Create a list of books you think should be read by every entrepreneur
Create a list of books you think should be read by every entrepreneur
 Talk about the projects you worked on. How were they successful? What went wrong?
Write about why you love your job and what you’d like to improve about it.
Talk about your niche and share a list of resources to learn more.
Talk about the mistakes you made in the past and how you learned from them.
Talk about a time when you solved a problem that nobody else could. How did you do it?
Share the story of your first business venture and how you overcame its challenges.
Talk about the best parts of your workday and why it’s so satisfying.
Write about the things you’re looking forward to doing in the future and how you plan on achieving them.
Talk about a time when you had a hard deadline but still managed to finish early. How did you pull this off?
Share the five things you hate about your job.
 Share your favorite tools you use to manage your work.


Sample Data #2

Input: Content Ideas for Coaches Who want to Increase Signups to their Free Webinars 

1. Write about the first step of your consulting process.
2. Talk about why you do what you do, and how you got started.
3. What is the process of building a business?
4. Share a list of your best clients and how you served them.
5. Share a testimonial from a former client.
6. Share a case study about a client who succeeded with your services.
7. Share the key insights from a recent survey.
8. Share a list of the best books you’ve read lately.
9. Write a short, informative blog post to answer common questions that clients ask you.
10. Write an article about a particular industry problem that you’re facing as a consultant.
11. Publish an interview with a successful entrepreneur who has been doing the same thing you’re doing.
12. Talk about a tool you can recommend to your clients, or a company you like.

Want to look at more ideas generated by the AI framework? Check out the exhaustive post on social media content ideas now.

Try the Content Ideas Generator Framework Now

Click the link and gets started now: Try Content Ideas Bot





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