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Simba Tales

The Idea

This framework is a personal one but shows the power of AI and the capabilities. 


Well, I had a cat named Simba and this framework is a tribute to him. 

He was an indoor-outdoor cat who we had to leave caring for when we had to Leave New Delhi. He had stayed with us for a long time. 

I literally had to tame him by being his slave at times. So, you get the gist of his personality - he was a male cat (unneutered) who always got into fights, got injured, and then recouped energies at our 4th floor flat. 

He was bratty for sure. 

When we first moved in (my wife and me), we got some pretty bad dreams because of him howling every night. But eventually, we both (Simba and us as a couple) made peace with each other. 

Now, the thing is, he used to come every day, have food, sleep for the whole day and at night leave our flat. For weeks, he vanished altogether, too. 

But for the time he spent with us, he gave us memories. And we clicked a lot of photos of him (which we still have). 

Being writers , we planned writing Simba Tales - what would Simba talk with us hoomans if he could talk. 

We made a Facebook Page - Sensational SImba Tales where we recorded our fictional tales with Simba (him conversing with us everyday). 

That page was like our memoir. 

Now, 6 years down the line, we shifted many cities and Simba's memory was fading (and the converrsations). 


When I found about the framework builder of ClosersCopy, I felt like giving the AI simba's personality. And this framework is a result of that. 


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What does the framework do? 

Simba tales framework writes dialogues between a human and a bratty cat named Simba. you can use as a fictional account of a conversation between a cat and hooman. 

Just give it a prompt like 'Simba learns about LCD TVs' and it will create the full conversation between Simba and you. 

Training Method

I used my old Simba tales (that imitated Simba's personality) to train the framework. 

There's only one input - a prompt you give in the following format. 


xxx (your character) learns about <the topic> 


Use Case

Can be used for: 

  • Writing dialogue sequences between a cat and a hooman for a novel 
  • Writing scenes between two characters (one being a bullish bratty one) and other a little scared 
  • Creating comic strip content between two people 


The possibilities to create fiction using this framework is immense. 


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