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Social Media Post Creator (with Idea Generator) 

A lot of us want to get active on social media. But despite our will to start, we rarely post much. 

Do you know the reason? 

I have been a marketer all my life and the #1 reason I hear from clients is: 

"What should I post everyday? How to get ideas to post?"


Well, this problem is a common problem with everyone I meet, irrespective of the industry. 

A week back, I made a startup tweets creator . 

My goal was to help people write better tweets. But based on the feedback, I felt, there was some gap. 


While the bot could create tweets based on prompts, a few users I shared the framework with, were struggling to find new ideas at scale. 

So, I thought why not append the bot with another AI-based ideas creator.

I had already created a startup ideas creator. But this time, I wanted to go wild and see if AI can give us ideas without even a prompt. 

The result is below: 


Automate social media posts at scale based on a particular industry/niche. 


Use CC workflows to help a user generate ideas first and then use the same ideas with the Tweets generator to create a tweet in seconds. 

Training Method

Fed the CC AI with post ideas for a particular industry. In this case, marketing. 

Used my knowledge as a marketer to create 15 post ideas that one can use as a marketing agency to post on social media. 


Step 1: One-click Post Idea Generator (For Marketing Industry) 

Step 2: Feed the Post Idea to Tweet Generator to create Tweets around the Subject. 




Clicked the first step to get 5 post ideas. 

Got the following ideas: 

  1. post about using micro-targeting
  2. Post about how to create an awesome landing page
  3. Post about the importance of measuring your ROI
  4. What is content strategy? Why does it matter?
  5. How to get traction and growth from your brand and marketing strategy
Picked up the first idea - post about using micro-targeting and fed it into step two to get the following results: 
Post 1 
There's a term in marketing called'micro-targeting'. It's a way of getting specific with your message. We've been doing this for years.

I want to take the concept of micro-targeting and use it to help entrepreneurs build businesses.

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting stories that show how we've applied micro-targeting to our email marketing.
Post 2 
People often ask me what advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

My answer to this question is simple: 

Go back to your original idea

Use Facebook advertising to target your audience

Write a blog that teaches them how to start their own business

The key is: 

Focus on the problem you solve for your audience.

Be a teacher, and they will follow you.
Post 3
Using micro-targeting and targeting very specific audiences (or niches) can help you stand out from the crowd.
A sweet little techique to get some real good post ideas for social media. Isn't it? 

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