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Startup Idea Creator Framework

Remember the passing trend of #startupideas on Twitter?
Well, I thought why not train our AI to give us startup ideas based on the industry and technology.
This framework gives you a startup idea based on two inputs:
- Industry/Niche
- Technology you wish to use
I have trained it mostly for AI-based startup ideas but feel free to test and experiment. Who knows if someone gets a really cool idea here.
I'd love some feedback/examples you get from your inputs. So, if you test it out, share your outputs in the comments. I'd refine it further.
Next up is a framework that gives you an intro/description of any SaaS tool. Input the name and website and you'd get one paragraph about the tool. I know we can do it with longform, but I wished to make a refined version for the same.
Let me know what you think.

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